Get the peace of mind you need that your financial well-being is our primary focus

At Claritus Wealth we build a lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect

We provide a boutique service specialising in helping busy, successful individuals and families achieve their various goals over their lifetimes and across generations. How and what we do to fulfil this is at the heart of what makes us different and draws our clients to us.

Our Advocates

The bulk of Claritus Wealth’s growth comes from referrals via our existing clients.

...The quality of service, the efficiency, the professionalism and most importantly the very personal care I receive cannot be over-emphasised...

Financing your future

What do you need to do to finance the life you want?

Whether you are working towards being financially independent of ‘work’ or want to build up the resources to be able to do something completely different, together we will develop and then implement your personal life plan to reach these goals.

Making It Last

Will your assets be able to support you throughout your lifetime?

With increasing longevity your non-working life may well be made up of several decades.

We will put a personal life plan in place for you which will look to accommodate your short, medium and long-term needs; we build in enough flexibility to make changes as required throughout the journey.

building solid foundations

Do you have a plan to deal with the unexpected events that occur during your life?

In the same way that a strong house will employ solid foundations against unforeseen strains over time, so we will help you build a safety net to protect you and your loved ones against life and health upheavals.

preserving your legacy

How will you preserve your assets for the benefit of your family and future generations?

Having built up assets over your lifetime, you may wish your legacy to be preserved for the benefit of your family, future generations and/or specific charitable goals. We will work with you to build your plan, for your legacy, on your terms.

What We Do

As well as helping you achieve your financial goals to live the life you want, our service strives to lighten your admin burden and making the process as painless as possible for you.

There are four core elements to our approach.

Get in Touch

We would be delighted to help you on your financial planning journey

Feel free to call us or send us a message.

Our Advocates

The biggest advocates of Claritus Wealth are our existing clients and it is extremely pleasing to see that the bulk of Claritus Wealth’s growth comes from referral via our clients.

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